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Conveyancing,Survey and Epc Quotes



Looking for Home Improvements?

Home Improvement Comparison Quotes can give you a free, instant, online quote,
for just about anything - from double glazing to solar panels, fascias
to fitted kitchens.

By getting a free guide price from one of the websites in the Home
Improvement Quotes family, you can...

    *   Avoid being hassled by pushy door-to-door salesmen.

    *   Get free quotes on a wide range of home improvements, with
        absolutely no obligation to buy.

    *   Find up to three local Home Improvements companies to carry
        out your  project.

    *   Enjoy a 10% deposit protection guarantee

    *   Save money with exclusive discounts and offers.

Get started straight away by visiting one of our family of  quoter websites:

Windows     Kitchens     Paving     Fascias     Solar Panels  

Garage Conversions      Rendering    Loft Conversions   Roofs



EPC Spain

If you are interested in obtaining an energy performance certificate fast and efficient we suggest that you fill out the form below and pay online. Within a maximum of 48 hours a qualified EPC-SPAIN.COM assessor will contact you to organize a visit to your home to issue the energy performance certificate.
Prices for each EPC (property size on catastral)
Up to 100m2 – 155€ + IVA
Between 100m2-200m2 – 195€ + IVA
Between 200m2 – 300m2 – 215€ + IVA
Between 300m2 – 400m2 – 280€ + IVA
Between 400m2 – 500m2 – 350€ + IVA
Up to 600m2 – 450€ + IVA


What is a HomeBuyer Report?

The HomeBuyer Report, previously known as the Homebuyers Survey and Valuation (HSV) and often still referred to as a Homebuyers Survey, was introduced in 2009 and is completed within a standard format as laid down by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The HomeBuyer Report is recommended for conventional, newer homes, which are in reasonable condition. It is the most frequently undertaken survey which provides a more in depth report of the condition of the property and will give you professional advice to allow you to make an informed decision of whether to go ahead with buying a property.

The HomeBuyer Report will not detail every single aspect of the building, but it does spotlight urgent matters that have a substantial effect on the value of the property and need attending to or further investigation. It will include all major sections of a property that are visible to the surveyor, so they will not lift up floors or carpets and wiring will not be included.

HomeBuyer Reports are completed by RICS Chartered Surveyors. To get the expert and independent advice a Chartered Surveyor can offer, you can compare quotes from professional and experienced surveyors here at Abbey Broadway.
If you have a property that is in need of renovation or that you intend to alter, we recommend you commission the more comprehensive Building Survey from a RICS Chartered Surveyor.

What is included in a HomeBuyer Report?

The HomeBuyer Report includes details of:

  • A current valuation of the property as for the open market.

  • Background information on the property and location.

  • An estimate for the cost of re-building the property for insurance purpose.

  • An assessment of any damp-proofing, drainage or insulation in the building. Drains are not tested.

  • Condition of the building’s timbers and checking woodworm or rot.

  • Damp test results taken from the walls.

  • Details of urgent problems which should receive specialist attention before signing a contract.

  • Details of major faults in easy to get to parts of the property that may affect its value.

Although a summary of the survey will be present at the front of the report and a reminder of the urgent repairs will be at the end, it is always worth reading the report in full. The HomeBuyer Report is easily understood - written in plain English rather than technical jargon.

Condition Ratings

The RICS HomeBuyer Report has 3 condition ratings to evaluate and describe the condition of the property and how urgently it needs repairing. The conditions are defined by RICS as:

  • Condition Rating 1 – no repair currently needed.

  • Condition Rating 2 – defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be serious or urgent.

  • Condition Rating 3 – defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently.

If a surveyor reports findings that may be costly to remedy it can allow for the reopening of negotiations with the house seller on the price or you may wish to rethink your purchase of that property.

By comparing quotes from surveyors for a HomeBuyer Report you can get a professional inspection at a cost-effective price, as the trained eye of a surveyor will spot those potential issues that you would not be aware of. All of the surveyors on are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Top Tips for a better EPC rating

1. Try and make sure as many of your fixed light fittings as possible have low energy lamps fitted.

2. If you have a hot water tank, make sure there is plenty of insulation around it. Good insulation can make a significant difference to the rating.

3. Loft insulation. If we cannot see the loft is insulated because either we cannot gain loft access or because the loft is boarded over please have any paperwork available to prove loft insulation is fitted.

4. If you have cavity wall insulation which is not visible due to rendering etc, make sure you have the paperwork available.

5. If your double glazed windows were fitted after 2002 and the date is not visible in the units, please have paperwork available to show the installation date.

6. Boiler information: We will try to establish the exact make and model of the gas or oil heating boiler. Where this is possible, the exact efficiency of the boiler can be established. This is likely to be higher than the software default setting for that type of boiler. Establishing the boilers details from visual inspection can be difficult, so please have any information manuals or service history available.

Finally, when booking an EPC on your property make sure that you use a fully qualified and accredited EPC Man by using our web site. All of our members have passed the relevant examination and are fully accredited and qualified to undertake your EPC. Each assessor also has a full insurance policy in place to cover this work.


Our Conveyancing Quotes Comparison Service Welcome to our cost effective, online, Conveyancing fees comparison website. Comparison of conveyancing quotes is an important first step towards successful conveyancing.

For the first time consumers can now compare and select a Conveyancing expert of their choice by simply searching our site online, making it even easier to appoint a Conveyancing expert best suited to you to handle the important purchase of your next home.

The choice of solicitor is yours, we have one of the largest selection of experts working in the Conveyancing field with over 30 to choose from and with the most comprehensive search facilities, we are confident that you will find the best solution for your needs right here.

Our Conveyancing Fees Comparison Service Here you’ll find everything you need to help you to complete your property transaction successfully and cost effectively.

 It’s quick and easy to use, comprehensive and helpful. We really are here to make your life easier. We know just how stressful moving house can be. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find everything you needed all in one place, ask questions, obtain advice and get the best possible deal on your conveyancing fees, using the expert that was right for you? Well now you can!

Online Conveyancing Comparison How It Works Whether you are buying or selling, or selling and buying at the same time, if you hold a property portfolio, or effecting a transfer or deed, our easy to use system enables you to obtain a quote for conveyancing fees instantly.

Search for information on a conveyancer, compare the conveyancing quotes, read client testimonials, arm yourself with our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and away you go! No complicated, lengthy procedures trying to identify a good conveyancer local to you or time out spent in meetings.

The whole of our ethos is dedicated to making your life easier and the process as simple and as easy to understand as possible. Our transparent pricing model means it is easy to view costs as all fees are visible up front, there are no hidden charges.

Our expert conveyancers will give you peace of mind; all our experts have many years’ experience of working exclusively in property transactions (conveyancing) and are fully insured against professional negligence so you know that you are saving money and your valuable time by effecting the transaction online and that you are in the safest possible hands too.

Our online Conveyancing quotes comparison service has been specifically designed to save you time and money and provide you with an excelling service to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Simply use our quick quote system and in 30 seconds, you will be able to see the best possible price for your conveyancing needs. It couldn’t be simpler! And the whole process literally takes only a matter of minutes once you’ve decided to place your instruction.





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